The aeronautics and aerospace industries develop high-tech activities.

They include companies whose activity is linked to the design, construction and marketing of aircraft (planes, helicopters, drones) and spacecraft (space vehicles, launchers, satellites), for civil or military use.

Aeronautics is a powerful, innovative and dynamic industry in the civil, military and space sectors. The aerospace industry is federated by GIFAS, which ensures the best possible cooperation between the various fields of expertise in the French aerospace industry.


In order to preserve the durability of your company and to ensure its development in an environment with strong legal constraints, we accompany you daily to ensure the preservation of your interests within the framework of your projects.

We answer your questions, help you manage your difficulties and negotiate your agreements. We work alongside you, taking into account your values, and we help you to enhance and preserve your know-how. We advise tier 1, 2 and 3 aeronautical subcontractors in the aeronautical sector.








With each new program, aeronautics manufacturers have outsourced an increasingly important part of their design and manufacturing activities. In 30 years, the aeronautics industry has gone from quasi-prototypical production to mass production.

In order to implement their outsourcing strategy and meet demand, prime contractors have had to adapt their organization and refocus on their strategic activities, i.e. the design and manufacture of high value-added aircraft components and final assembly. This means delegating complex subassemblies to partners who are strong enough to design and/or manufacture them, while managing their own subcontracting chain.

The subcontracting is part of a determined production cycle as well as technical specifications obliged by the principal. These are organized by rank. The subcontractor has the possibility to subcontract himself a part of the execution of his contract: he then becomes the “1st rank subcontractor” and acts as the main contractor towards his own subcontractor called “2nd rank”. And in the same way, the latter can itself subcontract to another company, called the “3rd rank” subcontractor, and so on…

All the subcontractors and equipment manufacturers in the aeronautics industry represent 70 to 80% of the sector’s added value.

We advise tier 1, 2 and 3 aeronautical subcontractors in the aeronautical sector (interview link) as well as distributors of high precision equipment for the aeronautical and medical sectors.



Global airline revenues, in billions of dollars


WE ARE Group
2. Founded in 2016 through successive acquisitions of family-owned companies, WeAre Group is a specialist in the manufacture of small and medium-sized mechanical parts with high technological value and small complex sub-assemblies. The Group is historically present in France and has established itself in Morocco and Tunisia. Thanks to its acknowledged operational excellence and its ambitious strategy, WeAre is a key partner of the aeronautics industry's principals. WeAre Group has grown rapidly and now employs 950 people across 10 production sites. Me Ghighi has assisted the WeAre Group in several litigation matters. Me Ghighi quickly understood our business and its challenges. We developed a relationship of trust with her and her teams. Me GHIGHI was able to support us in our reflections and advise us in the best way to define together the best strategies and defend our interests. Me Ghighi is a responsive, result-oriented and efficient lawyer.
Group President